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From the Acting Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Wellbeing Survey 2023

Last Tuesday, students undertook the whole school Annual Wellbeing Survey. The survey consisted of five key areas of an individual’s wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. It is important for young people to have a voice in relation to their own wellbeing, particularly as this data plays a pivotal role in shaping the future directions of our Pastoral Program. After unpacking the data, it was pleasing to see that students at Edmund Rice College focus on their own wellbeing, the relationships that they share with others, their sense of trust in their friends and where they can turn to for support.

At this time, I wanted to share with you some data from the survey so that we all can continue to support our young men in their growth and education. I will also include some links below that may provide additional information/strategies for our College Community as we seek to continue to develop fine young men in the Edmund Rice tradition.

Physical activity is of great importance to a myriad of areas in a young person’s development. The physical, mental, social and emotional development that is associated with physical activity allows for positive physical health in young people as well as improving brain health and learning. For more information on the benefits of physical activity in adolescents, please visit this link here.

It is very important for young people to be aware of the support structures that exist in their immediate community. Our survey revealed that almost 97% of students are aware of the various Pastoral Support structures that exist at the College and how they can access them when needed. Breaking down the barriers associated with seeking support is vital, which is why Reach Out is promoting action to support young people in finding their voice and becoming effective help-seekers. Please access this link for more information.

Additionally, this link here, from Reach Out, provides ways for young people to obtain help for their mental health. It’s common to need help, but it’s important to seek it.

The ability for our young men to make informed decisions and stand up to peer pressure is a key part of our College Pastoral Care Program. Throughout the year, we provide a variety of guest speakers, activities and discussions that seek to promote a positive mindset in our students and promote good decision-making in their day to day lives.

It is important that our young men understand this concept. For more information on peer pressure and how to support your son(s), please visit these links from Mentally Health Schools and Kids Health.

Teaching responsibility in young adults is an important message. As young men understand the concept of personal responsibility, they learn to understand empowerment and can therefore take charge of their own lives and achieve great things. As a College, our aim is to provide a Liberating Education that can be nurtured and supported so that our students contribute to a brighter future for all. This Raising Responsible Kids link provides more information on how to further instill these important values in our young me.

Our College promotes the power of communication as a means to assist the learning of our students. I encourage you to talk to your son(s) about their own wellbeing and explore the various ways of establishing and building upon the foundations of positive mental health and wellbeing. Finally, here is a link from UNICEF that focuses on four key areas for supporting positive mental health in teenagers.

Mr Forshaw
Acting Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing