ERC Updates

From the Technologies Department

Despite some unprecedented challenges again this year for practical classes, it’s been another successful year for the Technologies Department with beautiful work coming out of the workshops and delicious food being served up in the Food Technology Kitchen.

Yr 7 and 8 students have been busy creating and coding their own house alarms, completing robotics challenges, making table tennis bats, designing room layouts, printing shirts and constructing BBQ Tools.

Yr 9 and 10 Engineering classes have been designing and making bridge designs and CO2 Dragsters. Industrial Technology Timber classes have designed and produced various furniture projects, while Food Technology students have developed their culinary skills. Electronics students have developed circuit design skills and produced bike lights, continuity indicators and listening devices. Gaining inspiration from the cardboard furniture at the Tokyo Olympics, the timber students created some interesting furniture designs using recycled materials.

Year 11 Industrial Technology students have developed their machining, hand and CAD skills through production of tool trays and breakfast bar stools in Timber products and furniture Technologies, and in Metal and Engineering Technologies through the production of hand tools and F-clamps.

Our Year 12 students produced some outstanding projects again which I’m sure will bring amazing results. Congratulations must go to the students for upholding the strong tradition of outstanding Major Projects at Edmund Rice College. Some excellent detailed work produced by the boys in Graphics Technologies, Metal and Engineering Technologies and beautiful work in Timber Products and Furniture Technologies.

I thank the TAS staff and the Year 12 teachers for their tireless work and the excellent results they have achieved.

Below is a small collection of HSC Major works for Industrial Technology Timber and Metal and Engineering Technologies. Congratulations to all students on some amazing major works.