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Esmart Digital Licence+

This week Year 8 commenced an online interactive program designed to enhance their digital safety. Year 7 will commence the program in Week 3.

The program Esmart Digital Licence+ is developed by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, an organisation setup to keep children free from harm. On completion of the program students will receive a Digital Licence.

The program is designed to help our boys understand:

  • the importance of balancing technology use with other things in life,
  • the many types of cyber risks (eg. cyberbullying) and how kindness can be practiced to help create a positive and supportive online community.
  • what hateful and/or discriminatory content and image-based abuse are.
  • the attributes or ‘red flags’ of a cyber threat (particularly phishing scams), and know the strategies to identify, deal with, report and remain vigilant to cyber threats.
  • how to practice good network cyber security through an exploration of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • what empathy is and why it is important
  • the connections between their experience with technology, their emotions, their behaviours and their values. They develop strategies to regulate their emotions when using technology, enabling them to act in a way that best represents pro-social values.

Our subscription to the Esmart Digital Licence+ online resource includes access to information for parents. We will endeavour to share with you some of this information in our College newsletter over the next few months. This week’s read is titled 7 Signs your teen is being bullied online

Working together as a whole College community increases the protection of our boys in the ever changing world of technology.

Ms Lourdes Ndaira                              Mrs Jodie Hughes                              Mr Frank Sirianni
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