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ERC Open’s AFL State Champions

Edmund Rice College once again was privileged enough to be invited to participate in the AFL Senior Schools State Cup on the 15th of June at the Tuggerah Sports Complex on the Central Coast. ERC gained this position through their consistent and elite performances throughout the competitions leading up to this event. This cup consisted of 3 other schools that had achieved the same level of success as ERC including: Hunter Sports High, St Edwards College and Mackillop College.

The AFL Senior State Cup is a competition that brings together some of the finest secondary school teams from across the region. It serves as a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and compete for the ultimate title.

ERC vs. Mackillop College – First Game
In the opening match of the tournament, ERC faced off against Mackillop College. The ERC team exhibited exceptional teamwork, strategic gameplay, and superior athleticism. Through a combination of accurate kicking, precise hand-passing, and relentless pressure on the opposition, ERC emerged victorious with a commanding scoreline of 47-19.

ERC vs. St Edwards College – Second Game
Progressing through the tournament, ERC faced St Edwards College. The clash between the two talented teams created an electrifying atmosphere on the field. ERC displayed a remarkable level of agility, speed, and game intelligence. Their cohesive coordination and well-executed tactics enabled them to overpower their opponents, finishing the game with a decisive victory of 40-18.

ERC vs. Hunter Sport High – Final
The final match of the AFL Senior State Cup witnessed an intense battle between ERC and Hunter Sport High. Both teams entered the field undefeated with the winner to be crowned the prestigious title of State Champions. The game unfolded as a nerve-wracking encounter, showcasing the skills and resilience of both sides.

ERC overall exhibited exceptional teamwork, with players seamlessly combining their strengths to gain an advantage. Hunter Sport High presented a formidable challenge, displaying their own remarkable talents and strategic prowess. The match remained closely contested until the final whistle, with the outcome hanging in the balance until the very end.
In a display of sheer determination and exceptional performance, ERC managed to secure a narrow victory over Hunter Sport High with a final scoreline of 21-20. This hard-fought win was a testament to ERC’s unwavering spirit, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

Congratulations to all players involved in this triumphant effort, and thank you to our Head Coach Mr Bourke for your leadership and expertise.

Written by team captains Callum Rogers, Owen Turner and Brock Davies

Team List
Captains: Callum Rogers, Owen Turner, Brock Davies
Alex Attorre, Jye Barnes, Austin David, Beau Devlin, Sebastian Edwards, Alby Ferguson, Lachlan Flood, William Flynn, William Harriman, Joe Hinds, Joshua Kennedy, Matthew Marning, Callum McEnearney, Daniel Meafou, Jake Potter, Keenan Rourke, Alec Steele, Max Stewart, Matthew Tarlington, Ronan Ward, Jack Wilson, Morgan Woolnough.

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