ERC Updates

English – Sharing Experiences

“Access to the right words can open up entire universes.” Brene Brown.

One of the most important skills we try to develop in English is the ability to use words to express oneself. Whether this be through poetry, imaginative, persuasive or discursive writing, there are many ways our students can share their experiences and thoughts about their worlds.

As English teachers, we often find ourselves in the privileged position of helping our students find their voice. We listen to their ideas and we learn a little something about their lives, their opinions, their fears and their passions. We help guide them in their word choices and sentence structures as they try to turn their thoughts into vivid imagery.

This term, our students have shared many aspects of their lives through writing. In Year 11, we read about the Australian landscapes they value. In Year 10, we wondered about the things that made them scared, and in Year 8 we shared their stories of traveling. The breadth and variety of stories among our students is truly incredible.

Over the next few weeks, we will be viewing poems performed and written by Year 9, reading imaginative stories inspired by music with Year 7, and delving into the complexities of identity with Year 12. We look forward to sharing this work with you next term.

In the meantime, please take a moment to read the delightful travel experiences of our Year 8 students Dante Hernandez and Hamish MacDonald, and a beautiful poem written for his mother by another Year 8 student, Christiano Haddad.