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Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders

During the week we met with our new Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders Partner school, St Patrick’s, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This follows previous partnerships with schools in Sierra Leone, India, Peru and the USA. The focus of this video conference was getting to know each other and learning about life in our respective parts of the world. We follow up next Tuesday with another video conference focussed on “Caring for our Common Home, the Earth”. Thanks to all the students and Mrs Schodde for volunteering to represent the College in this way and to expand their horizons as we learn how to be good neighbours in God’s creation. Here are what some of the students had to say:

“The video conference was a really good experience, and I really liked meeting the students in Zimbabwe.” (Jadsyn Sellick)

“I really liked being able to meet the students in Zimbabwe, I learnt lots about life in Zimbabwe.” (Orlando Hunt)

“I really enjoyed interacting with the students in Zimbabwe, being a school from a different country.” (Flint Kim)

“It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to connect with students from a foreign country.” (Malachy Hurley)

“It was a really interesting experience being able to see what another kind of school is like outside of Australia; it was also really cool to see the comparisons of our school to theirs.” (James Rouen)

“The entire experience of meeting the boys in Zimbabwe and getting to know some things about them, their school and the country they are a part of is something I am very grateful to have done, as this opened my eyes to what life is like in a country that is not as “well off” as our own. My favourite part was just simply getting to connect with people from such a different culture to what we experience in Australia. This experience also reminded me of how significant the values of service are valued in the Edmund Rice tradition.” (Sam Stevin)

Mrs Hurley
Director of Identity