ERC Updates

Duke of Edinburgh – May 2021

A brief visit to the Budawangs National Park, has allowed a number of boys to complete an Adventurous Journey for either their Silver Practice or Qualifying Journey. This small group of 6 boys allowed for an efficient and enjoyable 3-day hike that covered over 30km.

I am sure that we are all aware of the great Autumn weather that we have recently been blessed with, well that was all about to change. The polar blast that was forecast delivered near freezing temperatures overnight, where the boys struggled to sleep and retain any warmth. While the days temperatures topped out at probably less than 10 degrees. Fortunately we had plenty of sunshine, as the skies remained clear for the most part.

Our adventures took the boys on an experience that gave them the opportunity to learn about navigation, refine their bushcraft skills and gain more appreciation for the meals that they had to prepare for themselves. 2-minute noodles are not that great.

The boys worked from a route plan that had been established prior to their departure. The application of this from the 2-dimensional topographical maps into the real 3-dimensional landscape, took them to various significant points of interest that are found in the area. Tinderry Lookout, Goodsell Creek, Corang River, The Cascades, Burrumbeet Camping Caves, Yurnga Lookout and the Corang Arch. The boys learnt to thumb the map as each of these locations were reached. The 5D’s of bushwalking were then applied to reach the next objective, Destination, Distance, Duration, Direction and Danger.

Over the 3-day journey the 4 boys from Year 11, Joel Haskew, Joseph Williams, Cameron Thomas and Cruz Thomas, and the 2 boys from Year 10, Christian Humphries and Nicolas Nicastri, got to know each other better and form a close knit team. They supported each other, with each boy demonstrating leadership to the group in their own way. Thanks to Mrs Cranney for her support throughout the planning and preparation of the journey and throughout the 3-day hike, your support has been much appreciated.

The current Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Adventurous Journey will have the opportunity to complete their Qualifying Journey in Term 4 of this year.

Mr Volk