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Week 5 : Subject selections year 10 into 11 2023

This year will see some change in the processes for students selecting their HSC patterns of study. These changes will involve individual interviews in staff week this term and are designed to best support and help each student choose an appropriate pathway.

On Tuesday 24th May Year 10 students will hear from each Head of Department about the subjects available to them for the HSC. This session will be followed by a parent information evening held on Wednesday 25th May at 6 pm – 7 pm. These sessions are designed to go through the process for students and allow both students and their caregivers to have informed discussions.

In staff week this term students will be invited to make an appointment to talk to an advisor about their planned pattern of study. This will coincide with their academic report data being made available. The College leadership team look forward to working with each student.

Week 6 : Semester 1 Exams commence

At the end of Week 6 this term semester exams will be held in a wide array of objects. These will be formal examinations and will cover the terms topics. Shortly students will receive their assessment notifications for each task. These notices will be crucial for the revision and success of each student. I would encourage students to begin revision now. As we have learnt through many study seminars small and regular revision will help long term memory retention and increase chance of success.

Mr Milner
Director of Studies