ERC Updates

Creative Arts

ArtExpress Excursions

An important part of studying Visual Arts is having the opportunity to visit galleries to experience the artworks. We are lucky to have been given the opportunity to do such that over the past week. On Monday 13th March Year 12 Visual Arts travelled to the Art Gallery of NSW to see ArtExpress and experience the new Sydney Modern. ArtExpress is an annual series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination. The students witnessed the high quality of artworks chosen for exhibition in ArtExpress and marvelled at the sophisticated concepts and finely tuned material skills demonstrated by the students. We then moved to the new Sydney Modern Gallery which opened last December. The students were taken on a guided education tour where four artworks were featured and the students worked with the education officer to ‘unpack’ the works using art language. This experience was highly valuable and helped increase Year 12’s confidence preparing for the unseen section of the HSC.

On Thursday the 16th March, Year 10 Visual Arts and Year 10 Photographic and Digital Media travelled to Hazelhurst Regional Gallery in Gymea to visit ArtExpress. The students were excited to learn about the possibilities that Visual Arts can bring in Years 11 and 12 and were amazed at the high standard of HSC artworks on exhibition. The boys received an overview of the exhibition and were told about the curation process by education Coordinator, Natalie O’Connor.

ERC Vocal Group

The ERC Vocal Group has begun with Mrs Kate Whitworth and the boys are enjoying their new repertoire of Sea Shanties. This group meets every Tuesday from 2.10pm – 2.55pm in G2. All students are welcome.

St Therese Primary School Art Opportunity

Each Thursday afternoon, Mr Tognetti takes a group of students across to St Therese Primary School for the students to help paint the sensory walk murals in the playground. At the moment, they are revitalising a large snake with numbers and a fish with letters. The primary school students are very excited to see the murals come alive. Our students also receive CSL hours for this volunteer activity which will continue for the rest of the term.

Photographic and Digital Media

Year 10 Photographic and Digital Media have been fine tuning their skills using the Digital SLR camera in manual mode. The students had the challenge of lighting a jar of water correctly and dropping fruit in it, setting the focus manually and choosing the correct shutter speed, ISO and aperture for the correct exposure. The students worked collaboratively and produced some amazing results. These images will form part of their Portfolio of Works and will be printed and exhibited in the Annual Artshow in August.

Ms Costello
Head of Creative Arts