ERC Updates

Counselling Update

The counselling team provides a valued service to the boys and their families at ERC. We have had a productive start to the year:

  • Year Group Talks: We have presented to all year groups advertising the school counselling service and the importance of positive mental health: be it through staying socially connected; regular exercise; good sleep habits; limiting technology; being organised and talking to someone if you are struggling.
  • YAM: Year 9 have just completed the YAM (Youth Aware of Mental Health) program which promotes talking about mental health with peers, problem solving and help seeking.
  • Referrals to counselling: Students can access the counselling service via their Year Coordinator or by completing an online self referral form found at the bottom of their ERC Bookmarks. Parents, you can also refer your son to the counselling team by speaking to your son’s Year Coordinator. If you are concerned about your son’s mental health please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school.
  • Change to counselling policy: In line with NSW Health Guidelines, students in Years 10 -12 can now self refer and attend counselling without parent permission. A student at this age is regarded as a mature minor who has the capability of making informed choices around their healthcare. Counsellors will still encourage students who do self refer in Years 10-12 to communicate to their parents that they are attending counselling.

Mrs Cranney

College Counsellor