ERC Updates


The grounds of ERC were filled with melodious tunes and harmonious notes as the Year 10 music class and the Junior Band came together to deliver a captivating performance at the much-anticipated lunchtime concert. The COLA was alive with the energy of young musicians and the enthusiasm of their peers, creating an unforgettable musical experience for everyone in attendance.

Year 10 Music Class: A Promising Start

Members of the Year 10 music class kicked off the concert with a display of their burgeoning musical talents. These young musicians, who are in the early stages of their musical journey, showcased their dedication and passion for music. The repertoire featured a diverse range of genres, including classical, contemporary, and even a touch of jazz. Items ranged from the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean to Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven played entirely on Bass Guitar.

The Junior Band: Musicians in the Making

The Junior Band took the stage next, presenting a program that highlighted their dedication and hard work. These young musicians demonstrated a developing level of technical proficiency and an understanding of musical expression. They performed the classic Watermelon Man, C Jam Blues and the rock hit, Seven Nation Army.

The event highlighted the importance of music education in fostering creativity, discipline, and teamwork. The performances brought the school community together and celebrated the exceptional talents of our students. We look forward to more performances in the future that continue to enrich our school’s cultural tapestry.

Performers at the concert:

Year 10: Alexander Bowhay, Zac Charteris, Ruben Mayers, Kobe O’Brien, Dominic Sirotich

Junior Band: Caden Lester, Rocco Lazaroski, Daniel Morozov, Bowen Saunders, Kai Walsh, Jonathon Pulido, Aaron Pasztor