ERC Updates

College Assessments, Reporting & Subject Selections

With the School year well underway for 2021 students are now starting to receive their first Assessment tasks for the year. It would be the expectation that each subject would contain one formal assessment task each term.  These tasks should allow students to demonstrate their abilities at each point in time. Assessment Calendars for the year along with assessment handbooks can be found on our LERA Site.


Year 11 and 12 Handbooks

The handbooks for Years 11 and 12 contain in detail the College Assessment Policies and Procedures. Students are explained each of these at the start of each year and it is crucial that they read through the document. Students and Parents are always welcome to contact the College or myself in regards to assessment difficulties.  As a general rule the earlier we are notified the more that can be done.

Reporting Term 1

Interim reports 7 -11

Years 7 – 11 will receive an interim report at the conclusion of Term 1. This report will indicate each student and his application in their classes. A more detailed report for the Semester will be provided at the end of Term 2.

Year 12 Mid-Course

Year 12 will receive a mid-course report complete with ranks at the beginning of Term 2. This report will give a good indication to each student’s progress in their HSC courses. A parent evening will also be available.


2021 Subjects

With four weeks’ completed, students will have settled into their programme of study for 2021. I have processed a number of subject changes over the previous weeks and I am happy to see students putting so much thought into their studies.

With the beginning of Week 5 I will be cutting off changes to subjects without exceptional circumstances. This will allow classes to further settle and students to get on with the core business of learning.

I would like to thank all parents and carers who have been in contact this year in regards to student learning and welcome an active participation within the College.


Mr Milner

Director of Studies