ERC Updates

Christian Service Learning

This fortnight there has been a variety of Christian Service & Solidarity Learning (CSL) opportunities being accessed at the College. A number of students from Years 7-12 have demonstrated solidarity with those suffering from homelessness and poverty through their participation in the virtual Winter Sleepout, fundraising over $5750 for the Orange Sky Laundry. In addition, students from each year group have donated an allocated food item for the Vinnie’s Homeless Appeal. Further to this, we had six Year 10 students who volunteered for Legacy Badge Week on Wednesday. Oliver, Riley, Julian, Samuel, Matthew and Patrick demonstrated the importance of supporting the community who has given so much for our country and life.

In Year 10, the first half of the Year Group are coming to the end of their Senior Project which commenced in Term 2. Students have demonstrated commitment in their faithful attendance of weekly service opportunities over the past two terms as they prepare to finish their placements after Week 10 and make way for the second half of the year group. Students have been challenged to serve others in a way that has extended their capacity and responsibility to witness the touchstones of our College. They have done this through their consistency, availability and openness to building relationships with those who might experience challenges.

One such example is that of Year 10 student Tom Binoy who has been volunteering with the Disability Trust White Knights Soccer. Upon reflecting on his time assisting young people with disabilities, he outlined how his perception of serving others has changed throughout his project:

“At the start I didn’t want to go but I stuck to the service and soon I was going everyday and rarely missed it, I got to know people. I enjoyed playing with the people with disabilities and helping them achieve their goals.”

When asked to reflect on how his service impacted him as a person he responded:

“It helped me take care of those with disabilities. Having experienced working in their group, it changed my perspective as a person to be more thankful for the opportunities I have.”

We thank Tom for his openness to sharing his experience of service within the CSL Senior Project, clearly demonstrating the transformational value of helping others. We also take this time to recognise the other 80+ Year 10 students coming to the end of their own CSL Senior Project experience at the end of this term.

Mr Pullella
CSL Coordinator