ERC Updates

Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong – VET Awards 2022

I would like to acknowledge the achievement of Jack Worthington. Jack was the recipient of VET Student of the Year, as a student in the course Manufacturing and Engineering. Jack was acknowledged for his diligence when approaching the competencies required to complete this course. He found himself challenged by both the theoretical and practical components of the course but was identified as an outstanding student that applied himself in every situation and aimed for the highest standards at all times. Congratulations Jack.

In addition to the above award, I would like to congratulate Mr Andrew Brooks for being recognised as a leader for the course, Manufacturing and Engineering as VET Trainer of the Year. Mr Brooks has be exemplary in delivering the necessary competencies that need to be taught over the 2 years of the course. Also, Mr Brooks has been integral in the development of the course and has brought a significant skill set to the task to allow students to meet the necessary criteria of the course. Congratulations on this achievement Mr Andrew Brooks.

Mr Volk
Technology & Applied Studies Teacher