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Book Week [August 19th to August 25th] serves as a nationwide reminder of the importance of literature in our lives and the invaluable role it plays in children’s development.

With the theme “Read, Grow, Inspire,” this year’s Book Week promises to be a remarkable journey through the realms of literature. “Read, Grow, Inspire” emphasizes the profound impact of reading on a child’s personal growth and development. Just as a plant needs sunlight, water, and nourishing soil to grow, reading books provides children with a foundation for exploration and development.

As a reminder to students of the importance of reading for leisure, the library is celebrating by creating a series of displays with plants [to represent this year’s theme] and books for students and staff to explore. Book Week encourages kids to engage with diverse genres, authors, and writing styles, enhancing their literacy skills, expanding their vocabulary, and honing their critical thinking abilities.

One of the highlights of Book Week is the CBCA Book of the Year Awards. These prestigious awards recognize outstanding books across different categories, showcasing the best of Australian literature. It’s an opportunity to discover remarkable authors and illustrators who have created stories that captivate young minds.

Winners for 2023 are as follows:

Book of the Year : Older Readers

Neverlanders by Tom Taylor

Book of the Year : Younger Readers

Runt by Craig Silvey

Picture Book of the Year

My Strange Shrinking Family by Zeno Sworder

From the NLC team.