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Amity College Chess Tournament

The Day:
On Tuesday of Week 2, 18 October 2022, Edmund Rice students participated in a Chess Tournament hosted by Amity College.
The event lasted for the entire day and saw interesting play on the sides of ERC students and students from various other schools around the region who also participated.

The tournament was hosted in a 7 – round Swiss variation; each person would play 7 rounds regardless of winning or losing. Alongside this, the winners of their previous game would play against each other, and the defeated alike. Each person would be awarded 1 point for winning, 0.5 for a draw / stalemate and 0 for a loss. In the “winners rounds”, a 15 minute timer per side was set up, however for the other games, there wasn’t a timer.

The Edmund Rice students showed great play and results; with special mention to Mehmed Ceylan (Year 11) who was undefeated on the day.

By Daniel Morozov, Year 7