ERC Updates

A literacy focus for Year 8 returns great results.

This term Year 8 participated in a programme designed to improve literacy using an online environment called EducationPerfect.

For the last five weeks Dr Sozio assigned students a quiz each week, targeting specific language conventions including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. As a college we are committed to ensuring that students understand the value of literacy skills across all subjects, therefore each week a different faculty was responsible for administering a quiz during their lessons. The three highest scoring students in each quiz, as well as the most improved students by the end of the five weeks earned house points.

We can proudly report that on average students improved their results by 16.1% in just this short a time.

The following graph compares the distribution of results for two quizzes. The green bar represents results from the first quiz (Pre-Test), and the purple represents a comparable quiz administered later in the term (Post-Test).

We are pleased that the data shows a marked improvement. For example, if we zoom in and look at how many students achieved 45%, nine students were represented in the Pre-Test, and only one in the Post-Test. If we look at the number of students achieving 85%, the graph shows sixteen students in the Pre-Test, and thirty students in the Post-Test.

We want to thank all students and teachers for participating in this programme, and congratulate the following students on being the top 10 most improved.

Roscoe Kambouris, Elliot Goss, Baxter Roper, Jake Kalanoski, Daniel Button, Maximillian Boucaut, Jimmy Robertson, Patrick Jones, Harvey Ackerley, Drew Potter

We look forward to continuing with this programme in Term 2.

Ms Ndaira
Teacher Librarian