ERC Updates

Year 8 Pastoral Care Talk – Bullying

On Tuesday the 21st of February, Year 8 attended a talk with the College counselling staff centred around the theme of bullying. The talk addressed key concepts such as banter, support networks, help strategies and more. This helped the Year 8 cohort to not only better understand the range of help that is available to us if we ever find ourselves in this situation, but also to recognise the signs if a friend is being bullied and how we can effectively and efficiently take action.

The College counselling staff did an excellent job of breaking down and explaining the true meanings of key terms associated with bullying, such as what it means to be a bystander, some of the thought processes of bullies and other more general, helpful facts.

Above all, the talk taught us how we can be better young men to really make a difference in the lives of someone who needs it most and even in our own lives. The counselling staff helped us to understand what people who are victims of bullying are going through so we can better help them and make our College community a safer, happier place.

Written by Sam Stevin, Year 8.