ERC Updates

Year 8 Literacy Quiz Champs

During weeks 4 – 6 of this term, Year 8 continued to target improving their literacy skills by completing a series of 3 Literacy Quizzes in Education Perfect. They are currently working through 3 more quizzes, and we will publish data showing what we anticipate will show continued improvement. As we all know practice makes perfect. Meanwhile here are the highest achieving students from the most recent quizzes. These students earned their houses the following points.

1st place = 5 points. 2nd place = 3 points Most improved = 10 points

Reading Comprehension
1st place Isaac Mitrevski 100%
2nd place. Austin Browne 99.2%

Most improved – Abdullah Saad

Language Conventions
1st place Daniel Morozov. 94.40%
2nd place Isaac Mitrevski. 91%

Most improved – Johan Thayyil

Spelling and Vocabulary

Equal 1st place

Anderson Rowles 100%
Benedict Carolan 100%
Daniel Morozov 100%

Equal 2nd place

Abdullah Saad 97.1%
Austin Skarpona 97.1%
Drew Potter 97.1%
Ethan Mulazimoski 97.1%
Isaac Mitrevski 97.1%
Nakonyon Wreh 97.1%
Samuel Lockyer 97.1%
Samuel Ugonotti 97.1%
Sean Zhai 97.1%
Shayaan Khan 97.1%
Spencer Strother 97.1%

Most improved – William Dal Bon

Ms Ndaira
Teacher Librarian