ERC Updates

Year 7 – Technology Mandatory – Timber Unit

This year we introduced a new unit of work for the students in Year 7 Technology – the design and construction of a bird nesting box.

The aim of the unit was for students to use their skills in timber to support the surrounding environment, whilst at the same time develop fundamental design knowledge and construction skills.

The project commenced with the introduction of the design processes. These processes involved researching other designs, sketching ideas and creating final drawings of their chosen product. In doing so, students improved their literacy and numeracy skills, whilst improving their sketches as a means to communicate their work. The boys were also introduced to computer aided drafting software to create 3D rendered drawings and a ‘birds eye view’ of their chosen design.

Ben Pearson’s comments on the unit of work are below:

I enjoyed this unit of work very much. I particularly enjoyed drawing my ideas because this enabled me to use my creativity. I have always had an interest in building things and in the subject of Timber. I found it most rewarding to assemble the job with glue and nails as I could see significant progress across two lessons.

There were some parts of the project that were particularly challenging. This included shaping a piece to allow the lid to fit. This piece needed to be cut and shaped accurately to ensure that the lid fitted securely in place whilst still enabling it to be removed.

I look forward to continuing practical subjects in Technology over the next few years. Metals should be enjoyable as I will have the opportunity to design and construct another physical project.

I will place my bird house in a tree beside a creek near my house. We have many rainbow lorikeets in the area and I hope that a rainbow lorikeet will use it to nest. I think the blue colour of my bird house is appealing and fits well into the natural environment.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed this unit of work. Arriving to lessons chirpy and full of enthusiasm, flying into the workshop to commence practical work as soon as possible. The final projects were completed last week (in time for Mothers’ Day) and came in an array of hues, including blue, yellow and green. It is hoped that future birds wishing to nest find our Year 7 bird boxes an attractive option to raise their offspring.

Daniel Breeze
TAS Teacher