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Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 Camp at Fitzroy Falls provided the perfect setting for the boys to venture out of their comfort zones and get to make new friends with peers and staff. What a way to start your high school journey being out in the wilderness in such a beautiful environment doing bike riding, abseiling, big swing, high wires, low wires, game challenges and Koori learning about the country and understanding the importance of connecting with the bush and each other.

The Outdoor program coordinated by Optimum Experience has operated camps for the students at ERC for almost 30 years and has a wonderful knack of building lifelong relationships with students and staff in a non-threatening and welcoming environment. This builds resilience and help overcome some of the fears we each possess including fear of heights, being away from the comforts of home, making new friends, demonstrating leadership skills and working as a team.

My experience at the 2021 Year 7 Outdoor Camp at Fitzroy Falls was:

Will Hiscox: I made an indigenous spear with a stone head which I made by sharpening with a piece of sandstone.

Nick Aivaliotis: Camp was great, especially doing the abseil over an 80 m cliff.

Bailey Everatt: The Koori walk was informative and I was able to connect with the environment

Stirling Roper: I learnt a lot on the bush trek about the environment and I really enjoyed the abseil as I was able to step out of my comfort zone.

Cordell Yenne: I enjoyed the encouragement we received from each other on each of the activities we did for the first time.

Blake O’Neill: Everyone was very encouraging. The staff did a great job setting up everything. A big thanks to all the teachers for sharing the experience.

Thomas O’Neill: Even though some boys found it challenging to do some of the activities they had a go with the support from fellow members and staff.


I would like to thank all the teachers who attended this week. Teachers leave their families, children, partners and the many classes back at school to ensure the students are well looked after and are provided a memorable experience. The boys remember the camps and it becomes folklore at future gatherings and reunions.

While in my absence from school I wish to personally thank Mrs Stella and Mrs Russell for organising and preparing the boys before camp began. Their work and contact with staff and parents has enabled a rewarding and successful camp experience.

To each of the following staff campers Ms Stella, Mrs Russell, Mr Walsh, Mr Haybittle, Mr Belsito, Ms Leate, Ms Gazzola, Ms Potter, Mrs Dunkerley, Mrs Frappell, Mrs Reynolds, Ms Mangan, Ms McLean, Ms Tomasi, Mr Crapis & Optimum Staff a huge thank you for your friendly and caring manner you built with each other and students this week.

Mr Bates

Year 7 Coordinator