ERC Updates

What’s happening in English…

Year 7 Students are Bumping Up Their Writing!

In Year 7 English, we have been working on a strategy to improve our analytical writing. After discussing the features of effective analytical writing, students are focusing on each of these features to “bump up” their writing.

Each student is represented by a ninja and their progress is tracked by moving their ninja along the wall as they master each of the features.

Well Done to the Bibliophiles!

Year 8 and Year 10 students have access to a wide reading program called Renaissance that is helping to build a culture of wide reading in the school. Students earn points for reading when they have been tested on their comprehension of their chosen book.

Congratulations to Joshua Newman and Dominic Sirotich in Year 8 who have both earned over 100 points and to Nahni Meafou in Year 10 who leads the cohort on 37 points.

Ms Gazzola

Head of English