ERC Updates


Year 11 students undertaking studies in subject of Construction have completed their first practical project. The bottle caddy project was introduced this year as an initial project to develop basic knowledge and skills in the workshop. These skills include marking out, cutting, shaping and assembly of projects whilst at the same time developing an awareness of workshop safety.

The boys’ comments following completion of the project are as follows:

Aiden Calvert: I enjoyed using the bandsaw to create this project as this was a machine that I have never used before. I found inserting the nails most challenging as they would bend, so I pre-drilled holes to prevent this from occurring. I look forward to using this project at home.

Josh Hayes: I enjoyed learning about the basic hand tools which I used to construct this project. I also developed skills to produce the bottle caddy more efficiently and accurately. Spacing the slats evenly was challenging and required careful measuring and marking out; I used timber spacers to improve accuracy with this task.

Ty-Ali Conley: I found great enjoyment in the creation of this project and had lots of fun working alongside my classmates. As we went along with the project I enhanced my skills and technique. The challenging part of the project was the timber and its hardness as it contended with the small nails needed to hold the project together. I will most likely be holding onto this project for a long time and look forward to using it in the near future. A couple of tips for the years to follow is to ensure you complete your job to a high standard, help your friends and most of all enjoy the project with your mates.

The boys enjoyed completing this project and they look forward to future activities within the subject, including concreting, bricklaying, wall framing and other projects.

Mr D Breeze
TAS/VET Construction Teacher