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U14 Rugby League

ERC Under 14s Rugby League

The Edmund Rice College Under 14’s Rugby League teams began their season with the Ben Creagh Shield held at Albion Park earlier this term. The event featured eight schools, including Edmund Rice College, which fielded two teams: the 14 Reds and the 14 Blacks. Both teams performed exceptionally well and represented the College with distinction. This report provides detailed accounts from the team captains of each team.

Captain’s Report: ERC Under 14 Reds

The Edmund Rice College Red team comprised 17 talented footballers who quickly gelled together and played in the distinctive Edmund Rice style. Throughout the day, the Red team exhibited exceptional performance and narrowly missed out on reaching the semi-finals.

In their first game against Albion Park High, the boys experienced a hard-fought match, ultimately losing 12-6. Two early tries were scored against us, but after discussing our defence and solidifying our plan in attack, we managed to win the second half with an early try. In the final minutes, Jarrah Longbottom (fullback) came close to scoring a try to level the score but was disallowed. It was the team’s first game together, and they played a well-structured game of football that left Coach Mr Sunderland with an unwavering smile.

The second game saw the Reds come up against Holy Spirit. Growing in confidence with our playing style and each other, the boys were ready to give it everything. Through a dominant platform laid out by our forwards the team suffocated Holy Spirit in field possession and managed to score two unanswered tries.

While the team missed out on the semi-finals by 4 points in for and against they had a fantastic day and should be extremely proud in the way they represented each other and the College.

Team: Roscoe Kambouris, Leon Ennor, Jarrah Longbottom, Jarvis Potter, Max Russell, Finley Henricson, William Evans, Nate Jennett, Nathan Washbourne, Patrick Jones, Bailey Jacobs, Liam Crawford, Matthew Austin, Bear Holland, Harrison Stone, Tomislav Wiech-Dragojevic, and Aiden Lisle. By Nate Jennett

Captain’s Report: ERC Under 14 Blacks

The Edmund Rice Black team consisted of 16 skilful players, Mr Preeo and Mr Sunderland. Before the day the team didn’t have any recent training sessions or talks about what style or how the team wanted to play. Nevertheless the boys fought through and made it to the next round.

In the first game against a strong Woonona High team, the boys led at half time with a great start. The first try to Abdel Sultan (second row) with a great run out wide and Callum Cooney (lock) scoring in similar fashion. During the half time break Mr Preeo wanted the boys to keep up the defensive line speed and keep attacking wide when we had the ball. As a team our game plan was just trying to complete sets and high intensity in defence. Minutes into the second half we scored again with Hami Miller (front row) jumping on a great kick from half back Brodee Green. Later into the second half Woonona scored right under the posts, with an easy conversion making it 16-6. With only a couple of minutes left Callum Cooney made another strong run and deftly passed to the ever present Jeremy Packer (5/8) who scored to seal the game. The boys felt good after this 20-6 win.

The boys came up against Warilla High in their second game and wanted to continue their run and make the semi-finals. With a great opening half the Edmund Rice Blacks were in the lead after Jett Micevski (2) and Callum Cooney got us under way with 3 great tries. The boys went into the half time break, Mr Preeo and Mr Sunderland happy but wanting to see some more structure. Warilla come back into the game with scoring two quick tries but there wasn’t enough time in the game. Final score 16-10

Going into the Semi the boys where up against Holy Spirit which was the team the Reds previously versed. The coaches wanted to see structure and good defence to see us through to the next round. The boys played great with really strong carries. The Blacks won 30-0.

Team: Charlie Edwards, Beau Rejske, Jett Micevski, Cale Parr, Angus Williams, Jeremy Packer, Brodee Green, Mohammad Chaaban, Zane Ashcroft, Hami Miller, Finn Ardita, Abdel Sultan, Callum Cooney, Aston Schott, Isaac Oldfield, James Keranos. By Jeremy Packer

Mr Preeo