ERC Updates

“Talent on the Tees”: Year 10 Sport

On Wednesday the 19th of July, a new group of enthusiastic students took up the challenge of mastering the elegant game of golf as part of their Sports program..

The program, which involves sessions split between the driving range and the putt-putt course, proved to be a perfect introduction to the sport for the students. Their willingness to embrace feedback was exemplary and manifested in the quick development of their skills at an exponential pace.

During their time at the driving range, students focused on honing their swing techniques and developing an understanding of the fundamental aspects of the game. They worked diligently to improve their form and consistency.

The subsequent half of each session saw our students navigate the intricacies of the putt-putt course, where precision and finesse are of the utmost importance. Despite its playful appearance, the mini-golf environment provided a valuable opportunity for our young golfers to practice their short-game skills and strategic thinking.

What truly set these Year 10 students apart was their remarkable eagerness to learn and their open-mindedness to accept constructive criticism. Each participant displayed a mature attitude toward feedback, recognizing it as a stepping stone toward enhancing their abilities on the course.

I look forward to future sport sessions with this group of students.

Mr Haybittle