ERC Updates

SWORDS UOW Debating Day

On Tuesday the 22nd of November, three teams from Edmund Rice College went to the University of Wollongong for the SWORDS Debating Day. These teams were comprised of a mix of students from Years 7-10, debating in 3 debates with general topics relating to: health and science, politics and law, and media.

The topic for our first debate was, “That Australian households should be limited to one car each”. The topic for our second debate was, “That parents should not buy barbie dolls for their young girls”. The topic for our third debate was, “That convicted criminals should not be allowed to vote after they have served their sentence”. Debating for both affirmative and negative teams over the day, we discovered many new perspectives on things and had an open mind to changing opinions.

The day was highly enriching and engaging, with our school taking home multiple victories in the debates winning a total of six out of nine debates. We gained new knowledge and experience on debating. Overall the day was awesome and extremely enjoyable, with many of the boys looking forward to going again next year!

Daniel Morozov Year 7 and Zane Al Salih Year 10