ERC Updates

Sustainability Waste Audit

On Tuesday 28th of March, the Sustainability and EcoERC team held the bieannial waste audit. The main goal of the day was to reduce the amount of waste the school and students are making in the classroom and the playground. This is done through the three segregated bins: the general waste bins, the return and earn coloured bins and the blue paper recycling bin in each classroom.

Statistics of Waste Collected:

This is the equivalent to the weight of 3 average year 7 boys per day.
When you look at the column graph below and the total College community for 2021 and 2023 (almost identical) we can see that overall the landfill and recycled paper waste has drastically improved. This is probably because we are now recycling our paper and also because we are using less paper than we have in previous years, due to assessment tasks and exam notices which are nearly all electronically generated. The parent newsletter has been electronically generated for a number of years.

Mrs Schodde
Sustainability Coordinator