ERC Updates

Philosophy Forum

Last week Edmund Rice invited students from St Mary’s to join us in the inaugural Philosophy Forum. This was a workshop that focused on the theme ‘Truth’.

The first half of the afternoon former Edmund Rice student and current Philosophy major, Jonah Hurley, presented an overview on Truth in Philosophy. We were presented with ideas such as What is Truth? Does truth need evidence? Is there anything that is unknowable? Is it ever possible to have the same experience as someone else? Can two ideas that contradict each other both be true? These questions engaged the thinking of both St Mary’s and Edmund Rice students and encouraged them to reach into the depth of their understanding.

The second half of the workshop was dedicated to separating the students into groups to discuss their opinions and thoughts on questions surrounding their newly gained knowledge of ‘truth’. The groups then individually presented their group’s ideas to the rest of the group and gained some insight about other’s unique perspectives on the topic. Overall, the day was a very enjoyable experience, with everyone gaining new and improved insight which allowed them to understand the nature of Philosophy.

Thanks to Mrs Russell, Mrs Hurley and Ms Shumack for the efforts in organising the event.

Sam Jones and Marcus Henriques-Thakur