ERC Updates

Novotel Excursion

On Monday 1st May, Mr Pierro accompanied his current Year 12 Hospitality class on their excursion at one of Wollongong’s most renowned Hotels, The Novotel at North Beach Wollongong.

Throughout the day our hospitality students were able to refine their skills, in dessert making and coffee creation, as well as learning the ropes of a well run hospitality establishment. The students were involved from beginning to end, learning about the Novotel’s extensive dinning experiences and the amount of time that goes in to planning for large events and their popular breakfast Buffet! Students were shown behind the scenes, moving to the rooms, we were shown through various rooms on different floors showcasing their panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable day spent at a quality establishment.

A special thanks goes out to Matthew Bunder, Mahmoud El-Majdalani, Arhaan Moughal, Rocco Roncato and Jake Potter for immersing themselves in the days activities and proceedings, whilst being excellent senior role models of our College.

Mr Donovan Pierro
Hospitality Teacher