ERC Updates

Masters of Florence

Year 8 History students participated in Project Based Learning in Week 6 with a Renaissance twist. Our boys were tasked with working collaboratively to bring to life their escape room puzzles as a truly immersive life size board game. We had many themes where our puzzlers were solving murder mysteries and infamous art heists to unlock secrets of the Renaissance. From Michelangelo to Da Vinci and Galileo to Machiavelli our historians became masters of Florence allowing their puzzles to merge history, art and science. This was a fun filled two days challenging the boys curiosity and honing their creative skills which emulated the essence of the Renaissance.

We would like to thank parents who were able to join us during the afternoon session to test the escape rooms. The Narandha Learning Centre was a hive of activity and enthusiasm where the boys were excited to show their creations and see their puzzles come to life.

Miss Tomasi
Social Science Teacher