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Representatives from Elevate Education visited the College during the week and delivered Study Skills seminars to our Year 11 and Year 12 students. The Year 11 students participated in the ‘Study Sensei’ seminar. This seminar provided students with strategies in how to work effectively throughout the year, how to take effective and efficient notes, how to develop deeper understanding and become an independent learner. The Year 12 students participated in the ‘Ace Your Exams’ seminar. This seminar provided tips and strategies on how to best prepare for examinations, how to manage their time during the exams and how to respond to questions. The seminars were very informative and our students have benefitted from the experience.

Strategies for Learning – From Surface to Deep

In the last newsletter strategies were shared that supported students in acquiring and consolidating surface level learning. Following are a list of strategies for acquiring and consolidating deep level learning:

  • Concept Mapping
  • Metacognitive strategies
  • Seeking peer support
  • Self-questioning
  • Self-monitoring
  • Collaborative learning

The following are strategies which can promote transfer:

  • Classification charts
  • Sorting, matching and categorizing
  • Similarities and differences.

Problem of the Fortnight

How many times in a day are the hands of a clock in a straight line but opposite in direction?

Solution to The Last Problem:

The greatest possible product is 8 × (−5) × (−7) = 280.

Words of the Fortnight

The list of words this week are synonyms for the words ‘unimportant’ and ‘most important’. Ask you son(s) to spell these words and use them in a context.

  Synonyms for unimportant: Synonyms for most important:













Gerry Sozio

Director of Learning and Teaching