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A reminder for those parents and carers who have already registered for this seminar that it will be held on Thursday 12 May at 6.00pm in the Narandha Learning Centre.

Mrs Ham
Teacher Librarian



Workshop 2 is done and dusted, and hats off to all of the parents and carers who sat through two fast paced hours of mathematics at the end of a working and parenting day.

We covered three topics, Indices, Factors and Multiples, Decimals, and Fractions, and had a quick look at the new version of Mathspace (Mathematics Textbook).
Click this (link) to watch a video explaining the changes from a student perspective.

Here is some feedback from parents and carers who attended.

  • Great to recap skills from a previous life.
  • List of literacy terms very helpful.
  • I got more out of this maths lesson than I got through learning at school myself.
  • The methods that you showed were easy to understand.
  • You made it so much easier to help my son.
  • Love these workshops. Keeps me in the loop of what my son is learning and giving me tools to help if needed.
  • Great sessions especially the study ideas.

Regardless of whether you attended one of the workshops or not you are welcome to join my Google Classroom which is specifically set up for parents and carers. In it you will find handy videos and other resources under topic headings.

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