ERC Updates

From the Deputy Principal


Y7 Students were provided with their vaccination consent forms this week and are reminded to have these returned by Thursday 24 March, in preparation for their first dose on the 1st April.

Y8 students who were absent on Monday, can have their catch-up vaccination on this day also.


Students were issued during P5 this afternoon, with another four RAHT kits. Whilst the NSW Government has not mandated these to be conducted on a regular basis, families are able to use these at their discretion when students or family members become symptomatic. The Y12 students who did not receive these today, will be issued with their four tests Monday morning during pastoral period. Any student who was absent today, can collect their four tests from the Front Office during Recess or Lunch.

Student Transport

  • Students are again being reminded of the need to ‘tap on’ with their opal cards to ensure the correct travel information is being collected. This is important to ascertain passenger numbers for particular routes, ensuring there are suitable services being provided
  • Students without an opal card, MUST provide confirmation of order upon request of the driver
  • Masks MUST be worn properly on public transport, the bus driver should not have to ask you to put it on
  • General rules when travelling on public transport apply, these are clearly stated in the Code of Conduct on Buses and Trains (refer to Page 31 of the Student Diary)

Student Drop Off / Pick Up – REMINDERS

  • Parents should not be driving down the College driveway at the commencement or conclusion of the school day
  • Parents, please adhere to the local road rules when dropping off or picking up in the surrounding streets. If you are picking your son up and are stopping, waiting in marked ‘No Stopping or No Parking Areas’ or across personal driveways the council parking rangers have indicated that they will be fining offenders

Student Drivers

  • Students driving to and from school each day are reminded of their responsibility when they are in control of a vehicle. This includes where they can park, being courteous and following safe driving practices, especially with regard to their speed around the surrounding streets. Students are to ensure they too, must park correctly and allow suitable travel time so they are not late, lending them to make poor parking decisions which evidently can be a financial burden.
  • Concerns around students driving (P platers) choosing to ignore the speed limit and an inability to adhere to basic road rules have been reported to the College. Unfortunately, as mentioned to our students – they are responsible for their driving and have an accountability to do that within regulations otherwise; fines, demerits and the occasional loss of licence may occur. As always the College will work with local authorities in determining culprits of irresponsible driving and reckless behaviour endangering the safety of our community members.

Mr Walsh
Deputy Principal