ERC Updates

From the Deputy Principal

Welcome back students and their families for Term 4, especially those new to the College. It is hard to believe how quickly the year has progressed. Tuesday’s Wellbeing Assembly challenged us to ‘tune-in’; the next eight weeks should provide a great indication on how a full year without the interruption from ‘face-to-face’ learning has enabled us to tune-in, on ourselves and more specifically our learning. It will be an extremely busy time with many students involved in a camp, reflection days, a senior retreat, social justice forums, curriculum excursions/incursions, summer co-curricular commitments and semester two examinations/assessments.

It will be important for students to be well-organised, utilising their diary to ensure that key activities and tasks are noted; similarly, it is an opportune time for students to be completing their goal-setting for Term 4 while also reflecting on the goals that were set for Term 3 having a discussion with your parents/carers. Students must be aware of TASS daily notices and changes to routines, it is important to empower yourself with the correct information.

We regularly comment on the growing number of issues relating to internet and social media use by our young people. There are many great resources available for parents/carers and students alike, especially the resources for parents and students from the eSafety Commissioner website (link). Like many, I had an opportunity to watch the Channel 10 program Mirror, Mirror on Monday and Tuesday evening. I have certainly received feedback from some parents/carers and colleagues indicating how confronting it was to see how easy it was for young people to be placed in compromising situations while online. I encourage parents/carers to view the program and have a discussion with their son about their experiences when using social media.

Finally, I pass on my best wishes to our Year 12 students as they commenced their HSC examinations this week. As a parent of a HSC candidate this year, I have a lived experience of stress, anxiety, frustration, laughter, and pride in achieving goals and results. As much as the focus is on our students, I take a moment to thank parents and carers for all that you have done to support your son’s wellbeing over the last 12 months. It was a wonderful experience at the conclusion of Term 3, celebrating the achievements at the Year 12 Graduation and we anticipate similar celebrations when their results are released on the 15 December.

Mr Walsh
College Deputy Principal