ERC Updates

From the Acting Deputy Principal

Welcome back to Term 2. On behalf of the College I extend a special welcome to those families who are joining our community this Term.


Years 7–10 Winter Uniform – (Terms 2 and 3)

The boys have returned for Term 2 in their full winter uniform, which includes ;

  • College grey trousers (worn with College grey/ stripe socks).
  • Plain black belt (to be worn at all times).
  • Ice blue shirt with current College crest and College
  • Tie.
  • Plain, black, polishable leather school shoes. ERC red jumper with junior tie and/or ERC jacket
  • (black, red, and white) with a junior tie.
  • Note: Jacket is optional, but both jacket and jumper can be worn on colder days in winter.
  • College beanie (optional).

Sport Uniform

This is worn by all students during practical Lessons:

  • Red polo shirt with current College crest.
  • College Sport shorts, AND/OR College tracksuit pants. Please note plain black tracksuits pants are no longer permitted as part of the uniform.
  • Plain black or plain white sports socks.
  • Lace-up sneakers with plain soles (no markings on soles of shoes).
  • College cap ONLY. No alternative caps are to be worn.

Hair/ Grooming

Hairstyles that are extreme, outlandish, or attract undue attention in the opinion of the College, are not allowed. Styles are expected to be reasonably conservative and guided by common sense. Examples of unacceptable styles include what are known as “undercuts”, “zero cuts”, “Mohawks”, “mullets”, “rat’s tails”, horsey’s, cornrows and long fringes (the fringe when straightened/combed down must not be longer than eye level). Hair should not be touching the collar and should be off the face. Long hair must be tied back at the base of the neck. Dyes in the hair which are clearly of an unnatural colour are not permitted. Students are to be clean-shaven (beards, moustaches, lines in eyebrows are not permitted).

At all times, the College uniform is to be worn properly by students. This includes traveling to and from school and while at school and includes not only the various parts of the uniform but how the uniform is worn. Shirts should be completely tucked in at all times, top buttons and ties done up properly, as well as shoes being polished and clean at all times.

Students who do not comply with our uniform expectations may be withdrawn from classes until such time as the matter is resolved.

All components of the College uniform are now fully stocked and available for purchase. The College Uniform shop is open on Monday afternoon from 12.00-4.00pm and Thursday morning from 7.30-11.30am.


  • A reminder that boys are expected to have their Opal cards on them at all times. Furthermore, students traveling to and from school on public transport are reminded that at all times they represent the College. In addition to wearing the College Uniform correctly students are expected to behave in a safe, responsible and respectful manner at all times ensuring that they remain seated at all times, students are not to be moving around the bus or train at all while it is moving.
  • Use language that is polite and respectful at all times
  • Refrain from touching any other students belongings
  • Additionally, families are reminded that the College Hands Off policy and Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement, which can be located in the diary apply on public transport as well as on school grounds.


Regular school attendance plays a critical role in supporting and promoting academic success, personal wellbeing, including a sense of belonging and increases a young person’s post school options. We understand that from time to time students will need to be absent from school as a result of ill health or other family commitments, especially as we enter the winter terms. However, on these occasions it would be greatly appreciated if all parents and carers could ensure that any student absence is explained within 7 days of the absence. The simplest way for this to be done is through the parent portal or by contacting the College Office or your son’s Pastoral Coordinator and explaining the absence over the phone or via email. The College has a responsibility to follow-up on any unexplained absences and to notify you in writing if your son’s attendance falls below 90%.


It was wonderful to welcome so many of our Year 7 & 12 parents in Week 1 and 2 to provide valuable feedback to the boys and their parents about how we can best work together to support these fine young men to achieve their best versions of themselves as learners.


During the recent Easter holidays the Wollongong City Brass Band participated in the Australian National Band Championships. It was a hugely exciting event with bands from all over Australia and New Zealand performing for 4 days in 4 locations all in the heart of Newcastle. The Wollongong City Brass Band included a number of our students including: Jaxon Towers (Year 8), Nicholas Rebikov-Vincent (Year 8), Caelan Sinclair (Year 9), Aaron Wiersma (Year 9), Cooper Hemmy (Year 11), Julian Eckermann (Year 11). Matthew Bergamini (Year 12,2022). Congratulations to this group of talented musicians. We are so proud of these boys for using their talents to contribute to the wider Wollongong community.

  • Junior Brass Band – a clean sweep to become Junior C Grade Brass Band National Champions (under 19) First place in all 4 categories
  • Julian Eckermann – best soloist in the junior brass band (under 19)
  • Julian Eckermann – 2nd place in the Junior Euphonium Solo (under 19)

Mrs Hughes
Acting Deputy Principal