ERC Updates

Endings and beginnings

The start of the term saw our Year 12 cohort kick off their HSC examinations with English. Held over two days, the Standard and Advanced papers require several essays on texts studied over the previous twelve months (including novels, poetry, drama and film) as well as analysis on unseen images and extracts (eg. poem, memoirs, prose fiction) and a piece of imaginative or discursive writing. Our Extension students also sat a third paper which again challenged their analytical, imaginative and critical thinking skills. Most of our students appeared content with the questions posed in the 2022 exams, and many were happy and relieved to get their first exams out of the way. Now begins the extensive marking process, and with three of our English faculty teachers appointed as markers, their experience will prove invaluable to incoming senior students.

As one set of students leave, we quickly usher in the next. Our Year 11 – now Year 12 – have already begun their HSC journey. Hard work and dedication will be required over the coming weeks as syllabus rubrics are pulled apart and understood, texts analysed and discussed, and first assessments submitted in December.

The final term also signals a new set of texts for our junior and middle year students. Year 7 are focusing on how Australian identity is conveyed through poetry, while Year 10 are focusing on perspectives in narratives such as Marcus Zusak’s The Messenger, Craig Silvey’s Jasper Jones and Scott Monk’s Raw. Film is the focus for Year 8 and 9. The style of directors such as Tim Burton, Taikai Waititi and Hayao Miziyaki will be discussed in Year 9, while students in Year 8 will delve into understanding how film techniques can influence characterisation.

Students in Year 7-10 are also encouraged to enter the Gabrielle Condon Writing Prize. Established last year, the prize recognises outstanding pieces of writing in Stage 4 (Year 7 and 8) and Stage 5 (Year 9 and 10). Students may submit a poem, or imaginative or discursive compositions. Entries close at the end of November. Students can see their English teachers for more details.

Please enjoy two short pieces of writing from our Year 11 Standard English students.

Mrs Guest
English Assistant Head of Department