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EcoERC Sustainability Conference

The Eco ERC Sustainability Conference was a great way to communicate with other schools and share different techniques about how to become more sustainable in our everyday lives. The Conference was a great opportunity to socialize with other people who, like us, cared about the environment and the impact we have on it.

There were many different guest speakers, including Costa Georgiadis, the long-time presenter of ABC’s Gardening Australia. Lara Pugh and Dr Carl Hopley from Wollongong City Council, bringing awareness to the ideas and actions implemented by the committee to improve city-wide sustainability. Kylie Flament, formerly the General Manager of social-good organisation Green Connect, also presented and discussed how everyone can be more aware that they are consuming products that have been produced ethically and sustainably. The workshop we did around this topic was fun too. Each school did a waste audit and presented their findings.
Noah Clark (Year 9)

Mrs Schodde
Sustainability Coordinator