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Creative Arts

‘There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns’ Edward de Bono

With Term 1 2021 drawing to a close, the Creative Arts Department has been a hub of activity. We began the year celebrating the excellent HSC results from the classes of 2020. Music 1 achieved outstanding results with 87.5% of the class achieving a Band 5. Congratulations is also offered to 33% of Visual Arts students who received a Band 6 and who appeared on the HSC Distinguished Achievers List:

  • Jasper Ellicott
  • Darcy Hennessy
  • Fletcher Middlebrook-Mitchell
  • Gus Morris
  • Benjamin Pierro

Fletcher Middlebrook-Mitchell who was also nominated for ArtExpress with his photographic Body of Work, ‘Sentiment’.

Year 12 Visual Arts, Music and Drama students are working hard towards their HSC. Currently Year 12 Drama are working on Verbatim Theatre with a focus on Dramatic Traditions in Australia. Music 1 are studying Popular Music with a focus on Composition and Aural Skills. Visual Arts are currently working on a Landscape Case study with a focus on the artmaking practice of Joan Ross and Yang Yongliang. All Year 12 Creative Art students are also working on the practical components of their courses.

Visual Arts

Year 12

Year 12 Visual Arts had two extraordinary opportunities over the past couple of weeks. The students are currently studying the work of Australian artist, Joan Ross. Ross investigates the impact of Colonialism on Indigenous Australia with a focus on power play and consumerism. Year 12 were able to attend an artist talk by Joan Ross via zoom. Ross focussed on the Case Study the students are studying and worked through each of her works explaining her intent and the embedded symbolism throughout. The students then moved to the second artist for their Case Study, Yang Yongliang. Yang is an important Contemporary Chinese artist who makes new media work about the effects of globalisation across the world with a focus on China. His work references ink paintings from the Song Dynasty. We were fortunate to have Luise Guest present a zoom talk about this artist. Luise is a Sydney-based art educator, writer and researcher focused on China and contemporary Chinese art. Since 2010 she has travelled between Australia and China to interview artists in their studios, explore the extraordinary and constantly changing Chinese artworld. These two presentations will give the boys a great advantage when writing in their HSC.

Year 11

On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th March, Year 11 Visual Arts students participated in a two day painting workshop with Abdul Abdullah at the Mount Keira Scout Camp. Abdul Abdullah is an Australian artist who has been an Archibald and Sulman Prize Finalist at the Art Gallery of NSW on a number of occasions. He is recognised Internationally with his works in collections across Australia and overseas and in 2018 was shortlisted for the Australian Pavilion for the Venice Biennale. The boys concentrated on the genre of still life and created a canvas painting, developing their understanding of colour mixing and building three dimensions through tone. This was an extraordinary opportunity for the boys to work with an artist of such calibre.

Year 11 Photographic, Video and Digital Imaging 1 Unit

On Monday, students of the Year 11 Photographic Video and Digital Imaging course had a great opportunity to meet film industry professional, Mr Jamie Hamill- Director of Photography. Mr Hamill has filmed documentaries for the National Geographic Channel and TV shows such as The Bachelor, Masterchef and The Voice just to name a few. The boys were introduced to the camera equipment a cinematographer uses as well as having the opportunity to use it. Some of the learning experiences planned for the boys included workshopping through lighting properties, main lighting schemes, as well as a scene blocking exercises where the students analysed a script from a scene through a cinematographers eyes. They then created a choreographed camera angle/shot size/camera movement plan in preparation for their upcoming Commercial making Assessment Task. Having the calibre of Mr Hamill was a real treat for the students, giving an insight to his professional journey and providing valuable tips about the future of the industry for the boys. Thank you to Mrs Leen Rampe for organising this opportunity for the boys.

Year 8 Visual Arts

Year 8 Visual Arts students have begun their studies in ceramics with the theme Hybrid Creatures. Clay is an important medium for students to explore as it requires an understanding of 3 dimensions. Apart from the obvious excitement in the room when the students are given clay, for us as visual arts educators, our excitement is watching the students begin to mould and shape it. The importance of this medium lies in how they become aware that they are in charge and they have influence over it. Clay allows students to feel confident which opens the door to creativity and critical thinking. Clay also allows students to repair their mistakes which in turn allows them not to be afraid of making mistakes. Having the ability to repair and fix these mistakes improves self-esteem and self-expression. This unit is also accompanied by a critical and historical case study based on the kinetic sculptures of Theo Janssen.

Year 7 Visual Arts

Year 7 Visual Arts have settled well into their classes. The boys have begun studying the theme ‘Portraiture’ with a focus on the Archibald Prize. At the moment, the students are learning the proportions of their face in anticipation of their first formal artwork – ‘Self Portrait with Pet’. This work will be exhibited in the Annual Eddies’ Art Competition which is our own version of the Archibald Prize. More news about this will follow next term.

Stage Band

Last week I visited the Stage Band rehearsing with Mr Bonaccorso in G1. The boys were preparing for their upcoming performances for the local primary schools. The standard of this band is exceptional and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the music. Thank you to Mr Bonaccorso and Mr Haybittle for their hard work in preparing the boys for their performances.


After School Clubs and Lessons

The Creative Arts Faculty have a number of opportunities available for your son to ignite their passion for music, art and drama. The boys are welcome to join. Permission notes can be picked up from the office.


Jazz Band Rehearsals Period 6


Drumming Lessons Period 6


Guitar Lessons Period 6


  • Year 12 Visual Arts Support Class
  • Film Club
  • Ceramics Club
  • Art Club

Keyboard Lessons Period 6

Stage Band Rehearsal Period 6

Drama Club – Years 7 and 8 Week B


Year 12 Extended Body of Work class – 2.05pm – 4pm

Ms Costello

Head of Creative Arts