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Creative Arts

Photographic and Digital Media Incursion

On Monday 3rd May, Years 9 and 10 Photographic and Digital Media students participated in a series of workshops designed to consolidate their understanding of the Aperture, Shutter Speeds and the ISO in manual settings on the Digital SLR camera. The students participated in two of three workshops offered. Australian Photographer, Peter Solness worked with the boys exploring light painting and how it can generate evocative and dynamic images. The boys also had the opportunity to learn Special Effects Makeup and make studio lighting portraits or work with green screen technology. The day was very successful and it was wonderful to see the students so excited with their results. We will be organising a Master Photography Class one evening after school with Peter Solness in August. This will be an opportunity for interested boys with a parent or carer to join them to learn light painting on the beautiful grounds of Edmund Rice College at night. There will be more details closer to the date.             READ MORE

Year 10 Visual Arts Excursion to BlueScope Steelworks On Thursday 16th May

Year 10 Visual Arts toured BlueScope Steelworks in Port Kembla. The boys were taken through the plant by two experienced guides and were able to see the processes to make steel products in action. We then moved to Outer Harbour to complete some drawings and take photographs. This excursion works in conjunction with our unit ‘The Built landscape – Utopia and Dystopia’. The students have been learning one point perspective drawing and have applied this understanding to their drawing. They will now move towards resolving a large abstract drawing, a solar plate etching and a sculptural ceramic piece. In their Critical and Historical Studies, the students have studied the use of perspective and the notions of a Utopia in ‘The School of Athens’ by Raphael. They will also be contrasting this with the work of the Futurists and contemporary practice.

Music – Mother’s Day High Tea

Congratulations to Mr Mario Bonaccorso and Mr Greg Haybittle for organising the musicians for the Mother’s Day High Tea. The following boys provided beautiful music for the occasion and are to be commended. The musicians were: Joseph Barron, Zachary Brett, Nikolas Cugaly, Toloa Mataele, Harrison Rollings, Patrick Williams, Ben Johnston, Jake Potter, Owen Turner, Anthony Villella, Louis Villella, Will Papakosmas, Joseph Gveric, Matthew Armitage, Zac Jancetic, Zac Charteris, Zac Lum, Elias Logue, Marcus Meogrossi, Patrick Sirianni and thank you to Tyler Oliver – Technical Crew.

Ms Costello

Head of Creative Arts