ERC Updates

Creative Arts

Year 11 Photography, Video and Digital Imaging

On Monday 25th July, Year 11 Film Studies (PVDI) had a great opportunity to deepen their knowledge of pre-production for a film trailer pitch. The students also engaged in how to write a successful and engaging synopsis, ‘plan for the edit’ technique of scene breakdown and prepared the filming for high quality footage. The students also extended their skills editing the ‘cross-cutting’ technique and their knowledge on digital storyboarding using the ‘Storyboarder’ Adobe application. All the work will go towards their final project for creating a film trailer of a chosen film genre blend, using various editing techniques to engage the audience, creating a product that acts as a springboard to the film industry.

Thursday 28th July offered an insightful day for Year 9 Visual Design students, meeting the contemporary street artist/muralist and designer Bjarni Wark aka ‘Happy Decay’. His murals can be found in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and rural towns in skate parks to large scale artworks in public spaces and schools. Bjarni Wark also works in Illustration across a wide range of commercial applications from branding to editorial, designing for brands such as Prada, Samsung and Warner Music Australia to name a few.

The students used simple geometric shapes to form symbols and shapes to form a narrative and upscaled their initial design into a large poster, using a limited palette. The students also brainstormed and designed their own symbols for the proposed ERC mural behind Waruga House. We hope to see ‘Happy Decay’ back at ERC for further collaboration and mural work next year. Having such an artist in residence with such a wealth of experience was a real treat for the students, giving them an insight to his professional journey and valuable tips for the students for a future in the art and design industry.

Mrs Leen Rampe