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Year 9 Ski Trip and Activity Days

The start of the 2022 Ski Trip was a blast, with a very slow bus trip. A good few hours into the trip and we reached our first stop for a quick break. We soon reached our second stop for dinner at Cooma. The first setback of our trip occurred here when we realised that the KFC was already overflowing with customers and the Macca’s had mile long queues. After an eventful but cheap dinner we headed off to Bungarra Lodge.

Day one began with a 5:45am wake up. After breakfast we left to hit the slopes. Excitement levels were high, with many of the boys seeing snow for the first time. As we entered the Alpine Way, the mountains welcomed us with a magnificent view. Filled with excitement, we hopped off the bus and lined up for lessons. Like a battlefield, snowballs were thrown through the air while we eagerly waited to get onto the slopes. Like any first day, we were a bit rusty, with some mastering and others tumbling. After a long day of lessons on the slopes we headed back to Bungarra for a well-deserved meal and a good night’s sleep.

Day two came around with more excitement than the last. With mother nature blessing us with a beautiful clear day and light winds. All the boys were keen to attempt new trails and master their skills. With high morale the instructors eagerly took some of us up to the top half of the mountain while others were still honing their skills at Friday Flat. The icy conditions allowed many of the boys to “send it” down the slopes while others preferred to safely enjoy the runs. After a long day we headed back to Bungarra, eager for food and sleep.

Day three was a change in weather, with cooler temperatures, stronger winds and snowfall. The fresh falling snow and two days worth of skiing/boarding experience, many were keen to try new tracks and hit some jumps. Some were eager to have a hot chocolate and chill at one of the mountain’s many bistros. With a toasty hot chocolate and whipped cream, the boys regained their energy and headed back out onto the slopes. The bus ride back was peaceful due to the long and energetic day. The spirits rose again when we had arguably the best meal of the trip – chicken schnitzel, before we cooled down and went to sleep.

Day four brought the most volatile weather – high winds and heavy snowfall, with many of the more experienced skiers and snowboarders commenting on the poor visibility at the top of Mt Kosciuszko. This didn’t affect the spirits of the boys with many still heading out on to the slopes to make the most of the week. The morning started well with some trying out the terrain parks while others progressed onto the higher parts of the mountain to enjoy the fresh snow that had fallen overnight. Unfortunately, like any ski trip, the 4th day finished an hour early when the lifts closed because of strong winds. Many of the boys took the peaceful Merritts gondola down while others were eager enough to take Dreamrun or Supertrail down the mountain.

Our last day at Thredbo did not disappoint as the day was spent having fun in the fresh 20cm of snowfall. With the teachers’ foresight of previous trips, they did not allow the boys onto the terrain park to avoid adding to the small injury toll already. Despite the time spent at Thredbo being shorter, the boys still made the most of it before the trip home which was spent reflecting on the experiences with friends.

It was an experience of a lifetime and every student who attended wants to thank all the teachers who spent their personal time with us, especially Mr Fields who organised and ran the trip. This entire ski trip will be a cherished memory and something we will look back on in the later years of our lives.

Written by John-Paul Bridger, Thomas King, Angus Allen and Joshua Newman


Last week, Year 9 students were given the opportunity to participate in either the Ski Trip or Activity Days. Both activities granted students a chance to participate in a week’s worth of physical education for both resilience building and enjoyment.

The Ski trip saw approximately 170 students travel down to Thredbo to enjoy the snow. In recent years, COVID has disrupted this annual event which for many past students is a major highlight of their time at Edmund Rice College. For most of the week, the weather was absolutely spectacular, with clear skies and manageable temperatures providing near-perfect skiing conditions. Regardless of their prior skiing experience, students were able to explore the Thredbo slopes throughout the week and demonstrate their newly found skills.

I would like to extend my thanks to the staff involved: Mr Meyer, Mr Tognetti, Mr Stutchbury, Mr Clarke, Mr Volk, Mr Rule, Mr Marsh, Mr Crapis, Mr Belsito, Mr Buchanan, Mr Timpano, Ms Schodde, Ms Hancock and Mr Sjostedt. I would also like to reserve a special mention for Mr Luke Fields who coordinated the Ski Trip so effectively after the hiatus years due to COVID.

Students in Year 9 were also afforded the opportunity to participate in the Year 9 Activity Days in the South Coast. The boys were thrilled to have some days spent Mountain Bike Riding around Fitzroy Falls, Kayaking in Minnamurra and playing a round of Golf at Jamberoo Golf Course. By all accounts these days were enjoyable for all involved.

Many thanks go to the staff involved in the activity days: Ms Stella, Ms Borg, Ms Thomson and Mr Bonaccorso for their supervision and organisation of the days.

It is always so pleasing to see our boys take on these opportunities afforded by the College’s Pastoral Care program and I look forward to seeing them explore even more opportunities in the future.

Mr Forshaw
Year 9 Pastoral Care Coordinator