ERC Updates

Year 7 Pastoral Care

Congratulations to all those students who self-nominated for the SRC positions for this year.

It was a terrific response and you are all outstanding young men and encouraged to involve yourselves and represent your cohort with the pride and respect that you justifiably deserve.

The roles that each of you will have require responsibility and commitment during the next three terms and I am confident your peers will be well represented.

Those students who were not appointed will have an opportunity to step into roles when asked or called up if students are unable to attend meetings during the term they serve. There will also be an opportunity to consider positions for Year 8 at the end of the year and all students should consider and take up this opportunity that develops many skills of engagement, public speaking, teamwork, and having a voice in what you consider important in the values and direction our College community serves.

I wish the Year 7 SRC the very best and looking forward to working with them this year. Watching how the seed will grow in each of them to be strong and responsible young men having a voice that is heard and respected. Congratulations and enjoy the journey together.

SRC Positions Accepted for 2022 Terms 2 – 4

C9 – Baxter Roper
C10 – Zane Ashcroft
C11 – Bear Holland
C12 – Cameron Harrison
C13 – Abdullah Saad
C14 – Sam Stevin
C15 – Ben Ayoub
C16 – Finn Molloy
C17 – Jonathan Bendeich

Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander – Isaac Oldfield C17
Liturgy – Isaac Ayers C14
ERA for Change – Leo Halios-Lewis C13
Sustainability – Jack Broadhead C12
Social Justice – Benedict Carolan C14
Community & Culture – Cale Parr C10

Waterford – Banjo Lowrie C15
Ignatius – Noah Burrows C15
Rice – Adam Darwiche C10
Keira – Rocco Lazaroski C14
Crown – Isaac Mitrevski C14
McMahon – Harrison Stone C15

Mr Bates
Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinator