ERC Updates

Year 7 Orientation in the Narandha Learning Centre

During Year 7 orientation week, students participated in an escape room challenge, with the theme ‘The Mandalorian – The Book of Boba Fett’, as an introduction to the Narandha Learning Centre, its resources and staff.

The scenario and mood was set, with the boys being ‘locked in’ until they could solve a number of problems and decipher a coded message in order to ‘escape’ to their next period. Our students responded well to the challenges, and used their creative problem solving skills and teamwork to navigate their way around and become familiar with the Centre.

The overall consensus was that it was a lot of fun completing each challenge whilst gaining points for their house and familiarising themselves with the NLC and staff. Their reward was not only to ‘escape’ but each student received a tag in their house colour and house motto.

Congratulations to McMahon the winning team, and to all Year 7 students who have made a great start to supporting their houses by their efforts.

Final house point tally:
6th place – Waterford 241 points (10 House points)
5th place – Rice 243 points (20 House points)
4th place – Ignatius 260 points (30 House points)
3rd place – Keira 263 points (40 House points)
2nd place – Crown 269 points (50 House points)
1st place – McMahon 321points (60 House points)

In Part B of the NLC orientation, students were issued with their Library Card and a sticker with their unique barcode to place inside their College Diary in case they misplace or lose their card. Once seated, they learned how to utilise the library catalogue – Destiny Discover – to search for titles, renew loans, and place holds on titles that are currently on loan. Once they had each chosen a book, they learned how to locate it on the shelf. A vital skill when searching through the NLC’s 3700+ fiction books. Another vital skill they acquired was how to create and appropriately title a Google Doc for easy retrieval. They then learned how to format this doc and send it to the printer (absolutely essential knowledge come assessment time!).

It was a pleasure meeting every new face. Their engagement and enthusiasm made the entire experience rewarding for the NLC staff. We look forward to supporting their growth and learning over the coming years.

Mrs Ham, Ms Ndaira, Miss Kierse