ERC Updates


This term, the Year 12 class has been diligently working on their composition skills, creating original works and producing a score and recording of them.

The task required students to demonstrate their knowledge of music theory, structure, and compositional techniques. Students were given creative freedom to choose their genre and instrumentation, allowing for a diverse range of compositions.

The compositions submitted demonstrated their willingness to experiment with different musical ideas. Some compositions were reflective and introspective, while others were energetic and upbeat. The use of harmony and melody was especially impressive, with some students employing unexpected chord progressions and memorable melodic motifs.
Furthermore, students demonstrated an excellent understanding of structure and form, creating pieces that flowed seamlessly from one section to the next. The use of dynamics and instrumentation added depth and texture to the compositions, with many students incorporating unusual instruments to enhance the overall sound.

One standout composition was created by student William Papakosmas, who crafted a Psychedelic Rock piece that was both technically complex and emotionally resonant. Another impressive piece was a Blues Fusion track by David Massarella, which featured intricate rhythms and Blues harmonies that showcased his advanced knowledge of music theory. Both of these pieces can be listened to by accessing the folder via the following link –

I am proud of the Year 12 students’ achievements and their commitment to producing high-quality music. Their compositions are a testament to their hard work and creativity, and I look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in the future. Congratulations to all students on a job well done!

Mr Bonaccorso
Music Teacher