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Year 12 Learning Assembly

This week during the Pastoral Care lesson Year 12 students attended an assembly presented by our College Principal Mr Gough alongside Mr Marsh and Mr Breeze. The assembly had a focus on HSC learning outcomes. Four key areas were explored during the presentation, that being vision, strategy, execution and success.

Mr Gough commenced the presentation by discussing the importance of having a measurable and achievable academic goal as a means to maintain focus and motivation both contributors to HSC success. In doing so he explained the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors and their relevance to our boys.

Mr Gough discussed learning strategies adopted by our high achievers from the class of 2022. One key strategy discussed was that of peer collaboration with a range of benefits both to individuals and also the cohort. To reinforce the importance of supporting each other Mr Gough used a quote most recently included by our College Dux during a speech, that being  “A rising tide lifts all boats”.

Fundamentals of how HSC results are moderated provided some clarity to our boys on how the various HSC bands are achieved. In doing so Mr Gough emphasised the importance of how often one mark in an exam can make a huge difference to a final moderated result.

Mr Marsh followed Mr Gough outlining and discussing strategies that the students may use for their own success. Examples included:

  • Developing and following a balanced study plan (Template study plan is available for all year 12 students on their google classroom page).
  • Regularly and creating daily study notes.
  • Preparing for trial examinations (19 school weeks and 4 weeks holiday remaining).
  • Importance of submitting draft responses to teachers / Practice responses prior to examinations / Attending HSC study sessions.
  • Competing past papers / practice tests by accessing websites including the following:
    1. ACEHSC- Collection of past trial papers:
    3. NESA Website- for past HSC examinations and marker notes:

Mr Breeze outlined differences between how top performers prepare for examinations in comparison to other students. One key difference being that the top performers focus their preparation beyond remembering and understanding key points. Rather, they focus and are able to demonstrate higher order skills in examinations such as analyse, discuss, evaluate develop arguments for and against etc to achieve band six.

One strategy used by top performers to focus on these areas is to work collaboratively with peers and complete as many practice past examinations as possible. The importance of completing past examinations as preparation was reinforced by a study completed by Elevate education who state the following;

“Top students complete more practice exams than anyone else”

“You can almost perfectly estimate a student’s results by the number of practice exams they have completed”

Top achievers have a study plan that they consistently follow. Their study plan is balanced and because of this they are able to maintain a solid study routine. They work hard and they make sacrifices but they recognise the importance of other activities including sport, social and part time work. All the boys as such are encouraged to develop a study plan and have been provided with a study plan template available on google classroom.

The feedback following the year group presentation was positive with our boys gaining ideas and strategies which they may implement to achieve at their best. We look forward to witnessing their many achievements and success throughout the year leading towards the HSC.

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Mr Marsh & Mr Breeze
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