ERC Updates

Year 11 Conclusion

Wednesday the 12th October marked a new chapter in the school lives of our Year 11 students. With the release of their Preliminary Reports this is the final opportunity for students to reflect on their preliminary year and a brilliant time to Goal set as we begin Year 12 coursework at the end of Week 2.

On Wednesday the 19th October from 3 -7 pm parents and students will be provided the opportunity to meet with their teachers. Bookings for this evening are now open on TASS and due to the HSC this will take place in the NLC (College Library). I would strongly encourage all students to attend and look to the next 4 terms. During this time College Leadership staff will be available to discuss changes to student patterns of study. No changes to subjects will take place until after this meeting.

Assessment schedules for Year 12 will be handed out in Week 3 this term. This will allow students to plan their time and study effectively. With only 4 terms until the HSC it will come very quickly.

Mr Milner
Director of Studies