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Semester One Newsletter Year 7 – From The Pastoral Coordinator

Year 7 have successfully reached the end of their first semester in high school and begin their three week holiday vacation. Withstanding the transition from primary into secondary school, Covid, wet weather, interrupted weekend sport and school representative team sports again we have all been tested and challenged mentally and physically. To finish the term with our ‘Walk & Talk’ was a fitting finish to our turbulent semester.

The ‘Walk and Talk’ session held on Wednesday was another valuable opportunity to work with our Year 11 ‘Big Buddies’ or peer support leaders. In House groups, the students rotated between: Jack Brown’s #talktomebro insights, Mr Bates and Matthew Armitage both sharing raw and personal stories of anxiety and lastly, the College counsellors and psychologists Tim Rowe and Natalie Potter, once again demonstrating their tireless support for the College. The students then walked around the College grounds discussing a variety of mostly mental health topics, finishing with a BBQ, thanks to the help of the Year 11 Hospitality class and teachers Mr Donovan Pierro and Ms Sheree Codey.

Year 7 had a taste of formal examinations this term with Naplan in May and last week with core subjects Mathematics and Science conducting themselves well and hopefully will be happy with their results. This will be a good time to assess how we have performed and begin to prepare to work harder in areas that may not have been as good as they may have hoped. We would encourage all students to reassess their goals and make changes as we move into Term 3 with the support of their parents. Please ensure if you wish to make an appointment next Thursday 30 June to discuss any area of your son’s learning please use the Parent portal in TASS as allocated times will be limited as all students from Years 7-12 will be making appointments to see teachers between 8.30 am and 7.30 pm.

As we are halfway through 2022 it is an opportunity to look at what has been achieved, what we can do better and more of in the second semester. CSL will require a number of boys to commence this project and for others to continue the great work they started are currently doing in their community and at home. The Ration Pack Challenge, Sleep outs, Church involvement, Service Clubs and other Sporting opportunities are fun and enjoyable ways to be involved and spend some service hours that enable you to complete your project and contribute to your community in a positive and helpful manner.

Early in Term 3 we will venture to Fitzroy Falls to enjoy our postponed Outdoor Camp. I remind all students that this is compulsory and to be prepared by checking the equipment list that you have everything. Pastoral Classes 7A – 7E Monday 8th August – Wednesday 10th August and Pastoral Classes 7F – 7 I Wednesday 10th August – Friday 12th August. Please note all permission has been entered into TASS and medical forms have been processed.

To look back over the term I am sure there have been many highlights and also some things that were challenging and opportunities to rethink what could have been better. Friendships and building relationships have certainly had many boys thinking and choosing between what is necessary to belong to a group and what I look for in a good friend. This will be no different next term and during the holidays it is an opportunity to assess where you are and what I need to do. We can encourage you all to be respectful and kind to each other but it comes down to each student to make a genuine effort and be tolerant and understand that everyone is different and that is ok. Friendship groups support each other and make an effort to always have your back during good and difficult times. How we communicate and treat each other is the key to ensuring these friendships continue. If I don’t have anything nice to say then it is best to say nothing. Each student deserves to be treated respectfully and we all need to act with kindness and encouragement even though that may be difficult.

I encourage all students to think about and choose to make better choices when using electronic devices such as mobiles and social media. These devices do have a number of excellent uses if used sensibly and maturely. Having some downtime and putting devices away for a period of time would be of benefit in spending valuable time talking to parents, siblings and friends these holidays.

Finally congratulations to a number of students who have attained Commendation Level this semester, achieved personal success in various sporting teams and individual events. There have been many events across the curricular areas that have achieved success and many of these will continue into next semester. We wish them well and there have been a number of students who have experienced disappointment and sadness with the passing of loved ones this semester and we pray and keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Have a terrific and safe holiday together and look forward to seeing all those bright faces on Tuesday 19th July in their full college winter uniform.

Mr Bates
Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinator