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National Apology to the Stolen Generations

On Sunday February 13th, we as a nation commemorated the anniversary of the National Apology to our First Nations peoples and the Stolen Generations. In 2008, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered a long awaited apology in Parliament House. This was a highly significant day for many First Nations peoples across the Country as it was the beginning of our healing journey. There are not many Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who were not impacted by these former Government policies.

Fourteen years on since this apology, it is important for us as individuals, students, teachers and members of the wider community to reflect and be mindful of this in understanding that this apology was the first step. In order for us to truly work towards reconciliation it is necessary to acknowledge and respect the intimate bond that First Nations people have with Country and Culture and note the devastating impact colonisation had on this connection, particularly for the Stolen Generations, resulting in trauma being passed down through the generations. We together as a community must work towards a future that is committed to truth telling, education and healing in order to build a better future for our Nation.

To learn more about the Stolen Generations head to  this link.

We pray for all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families through this time of healing.

Ms Neal
Aboriginal Coordinator