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Well done to all students on how they have been engaging during Off Campus Learning. To further support our students during this time, below are strategies from well-known clinical psychologist and family therapist, Andrew Fuller, on how students can surge ahead academically during this time. Andrew Fuller visited our College Community last year and presented on the topic of identifying and building learning strengths.

Develop and Keep to a System

Develop a study plan and commit to it. Consider when you learn and think best. This is also a good time to make sure your study notes are in order.

Elaborate on Your Learning

List all the topics that have been covered this year. For each topic develop a concept map that links main ideas and outlines their relationships. Developing a visual outline of a topic deepens understanding and improves memory.

Research shows that identifying how ideas are similar and differ also improves learning. A Venn Diagram helps with this. Take key concepts from topics covered and draw at least two overlapping circles describing how the two ideas are related. In the overlap area write some points about the similarities between the ideas. In the separate circles write some differences.

Test Yourself

Plan to test yourself about your level of knowledge, once a week. Develop questions on cards with an answer or description on the other side. Shuffle cards and answer them out loud. Place those that you answer clearly to the right and those you don’t answer well to the left. Those that you can’t answer clearly require more learning. Over time, aim to get them all correct. Self-testing increases memory by 50%.

Prepare for Learning

Your brain uses at least 20% of your energy, so it is important to give is good ‘fuels’. Eat a healthy breakfast to best prepare yourself for learning. Sip water regularly throughout the day. Even if you are house-bound, give yourself a good physical regime a few times a week.

Keep In Touch

Try and reach our to others. Invite friends to have a conversation with you. Share ideas and jokes.

Mr Sozio

Director of Learning & Teaching