ERC Updates

Information for the Commencement of Term 1

Thank you to all of the teachers, students and parents/carers for a smooth return to the 2021 academic year.
We look forward to another successful year as we work with all our students in their learning and growth journey.

The following points are important reminders as we start the new year.

Parents & Friends Meeting

Next Tuesday evening will be our first Parents and Friends meeting from 7.00 pm in the Edmund Rice Centre. Due to the current public health restrictions, we ask that parents who may wish to attend, please contact the College to register.

Driving into School Grounds
If you are driving your son to school please do not drive into, or park across, the Mount Keira Road entrance to the school. When it is raining you are asked to let your son out at a safe distance from the gate or in the car park adjacent to Keira Park which is closest to shelter and all student classrooms. Following these procedures should ensure the safety of all. When parking in surrounding streets to the College, please be mindful of Council parking instructions and their restrictions. Thank you.

Student Absence
When a Student is Absent
A phone call to the College on the day of the absence is expected. A note of explanation must be given to your son’s Home Room Teacher on the first day of his return to school. Parents/Carer who do not notify the College offer on the day of their son’s absence will receive an SMS from the College office notifying you about your son’s absence from school.

Leave of Absence
Parents are required to notify the College well in advance when going on holidays by completing an “Application for Exemption from Attendance at School” Form which can be downloaded. . Alternatively, your son can collect a blank form from the College office.

Does Your Son Have an Appointment During School Hours?
Parent/Carer to provide your son with a note indicating the nature of the absence
Student to present your note to your Year Co-ordinator for approval in the morning.
KEEP this note with you and report to the office prior to your departure.
Parents/carers must pick students up from the office.
If you are returning from your appointment, sign in at the student counter before proceeding to class.

Failure to have a note, may delay you reaching your appointment on time.

You Are Late for School
Report to the office and have the details recorded. You should have a late note from your parent/carer
Reoccurring lateness without explanation may result in after school detention.

Student Lockers

Year 7: Students will be issued with their locker/combination lock next week.
Year 8: Students have retained their locker/combination lock from last year.
Years 9-12: Lockers are available for students to use. Students are required to arrange a locker key via the office.

All students are required to use their locker wisely in order to reduce bag weight
and organise their resources for the day.
Please direct any concerns about lockers to your son’s Year Coordinator.REPLACEMENT COST FOR COMBINATION LOCKS/LOCKER KEYS WILL BE $15


Change in Student/Family Circumstances/Contact Information/Medical Conditions

If any change has occurred/occurs in your family – separation, divorce, serious illness, the College should be notified as soon as possible. The College seeks to be supportive of families in such circumstances and such events always have a bearing on a child’s education. Likewise, a change of address, email or phone number (work, home or mobile) or emergency contact should be advised immediately.

If your son suffers from a medical condition it is vital that you inform the office of his condition and what treatment is required in an emergency. An emergency management plan must be developed for any students with serious conditions.

Homework Club – Term 1 2021
A reminder to all students that Homework Club is available every day in Period 6 from 2.05-2.55pm. Homework Club is offered to all students who would like support and assistance with homework, assignments, research, study or any school work in general. Assistance is provided by the Teacher Librarian, Learning Support and Teaching staff. There is no need to book – turn up at the Library and sign in.